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Knowledge of IT within reach

Deploymentteam is a service distributor. We offer specialists who can implement your IT-projects at a quick pace. We can take projects completely off your hands or work together with your team. Both when realizing new environments as well as when solving problems, and when removing and destroying old IT-systems. This will allow you to complete projects at a faster pace. And will ensure satisfied customers.


Deploy IT

Are you in need of experts to take on an IT-project from start to finish? Deploymentteam will take the work off of your hands. For every area of expertise we have the suitable people. From design to configuration. As a result, there is no need for you to look back and worry about the execution. But, we of course will keep you informed every step of the way.


Are you short of hands? Or do you miss expertise during current running projects? With the Deploymentteam you can effortlessly scale up your IT-capacity. Our specialists are always ready to reinforce your team. Even if you only need us for one day. This will ensure the lead time of your project is never compromised.

Find IT

As a reseller, distributor or vendor, do you encounter technical challenges that seem unsolvable? Then call in the Deploymentteam for help. We offer qualified individuals and appropriate equipment in order to detect your problem. We trace the problem, assess the situation and will always offer a solution. This will keep your customers satisfied.



Destroy IT

Deploymentteam will assist in carefully removing and destroying old IT-infrastructure. Without disrupting the production process of your customer. And with a keen eye on laws, regulations, and the environment. To make sure no confidential data will be out in the open. And so that you and your customer can exactly show how and when the equipment was destroyed.

Power IT

As a service distributor we do not sell products. We are an independent partner in the world of IT. We work under the companies’ name. We do this fast, according to explicit agreements and with a large network of experienced people.

Move IT

Qualified IT-experts whenever you need them. Whether you are looking for an extra set of hands or expert advice: we deliver the support you are looking for. Together, we will ensure a satisfied end customer, based on explicit agreements and smooth cooperation.

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